EdTech at UC EXPO

Throughout the last year and a half, higher education institutions have had to drastically accelerate their digital transformation. Due to the need to address this and provide the very latest information to the higher education sector, we are introducing the Higher EdTech Stage (sponsored by Viewsonic) - bringing together the UK's leading EdTech experts and higher education leaders.


Designing a teaching model for the future of hybrid learning is critical to the success of Universities and Colleges. But how can we ensure that pedagogy is not in the shadow of technology? How can a faculty's uptake of relevant technologies be more successful? How can we close the gap between industry and academia? What are the options for University partnerships in order to support student experience and course design? And what will the most effective classroom of tomorrow look like?

The Higher EdTech content at DTX + UCX Europe will explore all of these topics and many more, to uplift student experience as we move away from the pandemic and help higher education leaders find answers to their questions, while digitally transforming their programmes and their institutions.

Higher EdTech Stage Speakers

Why attend?

- Excel towards a successful, digitalised University model

- Take steps to fully support academic staff in the uptake of technology

- Choose the best enterprise software to support teaching
and learning

- Close the gap between industry and academia

- Build a leading technology-enabled classroom at your University

- Understand to what extent business tools may be used in higher education

EdTech Exhibitors

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