Agenda at a glance

We're researched with over 2,000+ IT professionals to create a programme covering the hottest topics in unified communications. Discover new strategies, tactics and solutions across priority tech areas. Tackle your biggest challenges. Get inspired by cutting edge case studies. Exchange ideas with the best in the business.

UCX Main Stage

Having an advanced UC&C strategy can make a huge difference to productivity, as well as employee health and wellbeing. In fact, designing an effective hybrid working strategy and getting the most out of teams while supporting their flexible working needs, is going to make the difference between winning and losing. Join the UCX Keynote to design your future of work strategy and make sure you have the right technology tools to underpin it.

Customer Contact Keynote Stage

Whilst we've been finding our feet with hybrid and remote working strategies, customers have been (fairly) patient. Now it's time to take the next step. Customer experience, engagement and satisfaction will be crucial for business growth, particulary in highly competitive industries. Join the Customer Contact Keynote to learn how to talk to your customers in the right way, at the right time, using the right technologies to support the customer journey.

Future of Work Stage

There's been a revolution with the way we work. Pre-conceived norms of the office have been ripped up. Remote working has been more successful than many thought. BUT, human interaction is still considered critical for collaboration. So how do we solve the 'Hybrid Headache'? How do we take employees on that journey? We'll look at the best case studies, strategies and solutions available. Plus advice on building a healthy, successful digital culture.

Video and Audio Visual Stage

What will the role of AV and video be in the mix of home working vs. office working? How can you best interact with your customers with the help of innovative audio and AV technology? How do you keep your company secure as all of these new technologies are integrated? The Video and AV Stage will focus on how organisations can become more agile and flexible while living up to their employee's and customers' expectations.

UCX Cloud Communications Stage

Designing a cloud communications strategy for the long term future of hybrid work is critical to the success of your organisation. Creating resilience in your cloud communications stack, while keeping it secure and monitoring its useage is vital. Join the UC Cloud Communications Stage to find out how to create a cloud communications strategy whilst balancing the ever changing needs of your employees and customers.

Microsoft Technologies Stage

The word 'Teams' has become a household name. Millions of hours have been spent collaborating and speaking with colleagues, customers and partners. But what is the full capability of the platform? Are you making the most of its evolving features and integrations? Join this stage to stay on top of the latest functionality. From roll out and adoption, through to security and the journey from 'good to great' to get all the tips to become a wizard on Teams.

Higher EdTech Stage

The pandemic has hit higher education harder than most. Without rapid digital transformation, operating models from some of the world's most respected organisations are in danger of being disrupted. There are many challengesto explore as we take a deep dive in to the Future of Learning. How can technology facilitate hyrbid learning? What will the classroom of tomorrow look like? How can we close the gap between industry and academia?