When Upgrading Your UC Infrastructure, Review and Optimise Your Business Logic While Migrating Your Data to the New Set Up

When Upgrading Your UC Infrastructure, Review and Optimise Your Business Logic While Migrating Your Data to the New Set Up

Source: https://www.voss-solutions.com/news/blog/2020/when-upgrading-your-uc-infrastructure-review-and-optimize-your-business-logic/

Author: Tom Turrington, Migration Team Lead, VOSS

More often than not, when upgrading to new versions of UC infrastructure many of our customers do not necessarily review their business processes to take advantage of new features and capabilities. To ensure we can not only support our customers in a typical migration of their data to the upgraded platform, VOSS has built our migration toolset to do much more than that!

Recently, VOSS was presented with a scenario where one of our customers wanted to introduce additional business rules for assigning improved Entitlement Profiles during a migration. The ask was to be able to calculate the entitlement of each user depending on factors such as how many physical phones they had "ownership" of and phone type(s).

We were presented with the business logic in the form of a fairly involved diagram and we needed to follow the same logic and apply it to thousands of users at once prior to the users being provisioned on the new platform. The process needed to be repeatable; not just for all batches in the migration, but for all future migration and provisioning projects and needed to be easily implemented by the customer.

As we know that there are significant complexities inherent in the myriad different legacy PBXs, supported services, phone types, system settings, and bespoke customer requirements that are impossible to predict ahead of time, we have architected our migration tool - M2UC - with maximum flexibility and this was a great test of the product’s capabilities.

Hence we had no doubt that we could achieve success...the question was, how? What would be the smoothest and most efficient way to give the customer exactly what they needed without needing to write any new code?

Once we fully understood the requirements, determining and clarifying possible edge-cases in the process, we set about figuring out how we could achieve the desired processing within the rules engine in M2UC.

Within the solution there needed to be various checks - including grouping, counts and comparisons - before any updates could be made. As a testament to the aforementioned flexibility of M2UC, we found that we could achieve everything from the standard rules engine in M2UC, all configurable via the GUI. In this case VOSS built the rules in M2UC to achieve the assigning of the correct Entitlement Profiles, but the customer themselves could have just as easily done this themselves.

Thousands of users can now be processed in a consistent and repeatable fashion and assigned the correct Entitlement Profiles in a matter of seconds, all with just a few clicks. The next step is to automate this further - Workflows are currently under development which will allow the chaining of several events to get us ever closer to that "push-button" migration!


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