Using AV to support collaboration

Using AV to support collaboration


A growing number of large organisations now use AV to support collaboration between staff and business partners, and also for daily communication with customers.

The Questions

For any organisation thinking of following a similar route, the first questions to consider should be ‘how do we communicate?’ and ‘how is communication key to our success?’.

These questions will ultimately determine the various methods of communication needed along with the AV infrastructure and equipment required to deliver the message.

It’s also important to question if it makes sense to deliver projects internally, or whether it’s more efficient to employ the services of external consultants, installation teams, designers, etc. Both options have merits depending on the available resource and skillsets on offer.


Regarding the infrastructure required, and as devices become increasingly network-based, close coordination between AV and IT professionals is absolutely critical for success. With regional and global standards often already defined for a corporate IT department [by the time an AV project comes around], having AV fit in requires planning and ultimately as much communication as possible between consultant, integrator, client AV, and client IT.

Sometimes this isn’t so much about conversation around physical equipment needs, and more about system configuration and desired functionality.

AV infrastructure can vary from business to business, with its management varying from single rooms, to whole buildings or even multiple buildings across borders.

Any business that can operate at a level where the visibility of global assets is possible opens up opportunities that in turn provide great rewards.

Typical elements of global AV infrastructure include the network and network hardware/infrastructure, centralised rack hardware, in-room hardware, software to manage, and of course, the hard-working staff supporting day-to-day operations.

To Conclude

A client-centric approach and understanding how a user interacts with the systems around them is beneficial in deploying AV effectively and delivering globally and at scale, which contributes to maintaining standards, consistent support and correct security measures, along with the scalability and bandwidth required.


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