The Cloud Communications Hub First Event – BYOC and We’ll Bring the Beer

The Cloud Communications Hub First Event – BYOC and We’ll Bring the Beer


Author: Ana Castrillon

There is a growing trend in the industry where customers are looking to modularise their communications services. And with Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) becoming a common topic in the cloud comms industry, it’s no doubt that the first exciting event from our newly-formed cloud communications hub is focussing on that very topic.

The 1st of October will see a panel of leading tech evangelists, (including Rob Scott, Founder & Publisher of UC Today & Mehmet Hussein our Sr Solutions Architect at Voxbone) address the growing trend of BYOC; discussing why you should care about its growing popularity and what it means for businesses in an era of IT digital transformation.

We’ll specifically be looking at the biggest risks for enterprise communications in the cloud age, the key challenges faced when scaling your communications globally, and the true benefits of a BYOC approach.

Networking, beer, and pizza will (naturally) precede and follow the discussion.

So if you’re in London on the 1st October and you’re interested in a discussion or simply can’t turn down an offer of a free drink, you’re welcome to come along.

A Cloud Comms Networking Group? Yikes

The term networking is actually a pretty terrible one for the cloud comms industry, as it already has its place amongst the many pieces of jargon that we seem to have no end of. Not only that but regardless of your industry, using the term networking in any context results in a deep sigh and images of awkward seminars.

With that in mind, I and a few others at Voxbone decided it might be a good idea to create a cloud communication ‘networking’ group designed to buck the trend of boring get-togethers and bring together industry-leading speakers, top analysts and tech evangelists for keynotes, panel discussions, round tables and, of course, beers.

So we’ve picked a few interesting places across London to host some cloud comms enthusiasts and created The Cloud Communications Hub.

If you’re interested, you can join them for free, here.


You can also meet up with Voxbone at UC EXPO 2020, why not Register your interest here!