Part 2: Increased Demand For UC Is Forcing a Technological Evolution

Part 2: Increased Demand For UC Is Forcing a Technological Evolution

In part one of this blog, we took a look at how Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) are consistently changing the technological landscape for the better, exploring the impacts of streamlined customer contact and remote support, as well as the need for reliability and usability. In part 2, we delve into the role that security can play, as well as where UC&C is heading in the future.

The necessity for secure UC&C tools

COVID-19 has undeniably caused the UC&C industry to rapidly innovate, but in many ways the crisis and subsequent rapid development has also led to weaker security systems. With a greater reliance being placed upon technology and communication systems, it makes it a focal point for cybercriminals to focus their attacks.

Security is a vital aspect of UC&C. Whilst usability and reliability are vital, they cannot be judged on a higher plane than security. If a user doesn’t feel comfortable that their data is safe and secure when using your service, then the likelihood of them returning to use is virtually zero. Trusting an application is vital to its continued usage, and not being secure will not only lead to a loss of customers, but could also push you into a legal minefield. Recent breaches are indicators of how much of a serious issue UC&C cybersecurity is, and how it needs to be taken seriously in modern developments.

A prime example of UC&C being on the receiving end of cyberattacks is a phishing campaign surrounding popular video-conferencing services. Researchers have uncovered campaigns designed to steal user credentials and attempt to trick email recipients into thinking they are about to be laid off amidst the pandemic. The attackers hope potential victims will click on a malicious link that supposedly links to a video-meeting hosted by human resources. This is just one example of how pushing the boundaries of UC&C is causing security issues, and how many cybercriminals are taking advantage of the pandemic.

Ensuring that your developments are secure and taking every possible step to avoid data loss is a basic element of designing a new product or development. Failing this would be a catastrophic error of judgement. Security protocols will continue to develop in quick response with hacking and breach trends. Platforms must ensure they are ‘ahead of the game’ in combating new threats, whilst ensuring security holes and entry points are carefully monitored to detect any outside activity. Your security must be fluid, flexible, and ever-evolving. Anything less will simply leave platforms and users vulnerable to attack.

Where next for the development of UC&C?

Evolution is defined as “the gradual development of something” and this is no different for UC&C - it must continue to progress and move forwards, improving at every development. UC&C is arguably going through the biggest and most rapid development phase in history, and the onus is on providers to deliver the solutions that can keep people and employees connected in a time where the physical is taking a back seat. By continually testing the limits of their solutions and listening to their community of users, UC&C developers can remain ahead of the curve on issues such as security and customer demand.

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