Part 1: Increased Demand For UC Is Forcing a Technological Evolution

Part 1: Increased Demand For UC Is Forcing a Technological Evolution

Author: James McGough, Managing Director, UC EXPO

Seamless customer contact and remote support is vital to UC&C

UC&C is being driven by the demand for more streamlined, direct and convenient means of maintaining customer contact and delivering any required support. This demand is driving innovation in the UC&C space at a faster rate than ever before. Ten years ago, web conferencing was in its infancy and email was completely dominant in written communication. Fast forward to today and instant messaging and advanced video conferencing have become the established norm in global enterprise business.

The drive for employees to be able to interface with customers on a remote level is one which large-scale organisations rely heavily upon, ensuring that businesses are still able to function remotely and deliver the same high quality service as usual. The demand for UC&C is constantly increasing, with businesses looking to bridge the gap and work seamlessly between being office based and working remotely.

This, of course, has all been pushed forward by the need for better tools from the professionals using them and unifying the contact center through a myriad of cross-channel customer communication. As we find ourselves in a sustained period of remote working, an increase in support from end-users across all industries is almost inevitable. Professionals are navigating new ways of working and living and UC&C is a fundamental way to connect, in order to deliver support from anywhere when more traditional means are not possible.

The UC&C key: reliability and usability

UC&C as a tool for user mobility regardless of time constraints, working location or unforeseen circumstance is now more vital than ever. It is a fundamental building block for effective collaboration amongst an increasingly remote workforce and will continue to grow in line with demand. As a result, UC&C developers are facing pressures to ensure the success of two critical elements; reliability and usability.

Reliability is a key aspect of any collaboration platform. The user has to be able to trust that the technology will work when required and isn’t going to cause unnecessary problems. Enhancements which gratify this level of performance and assurance even during times of peak use will be a key differentiator which sets the leaders apart from the rest.

Usability is also a key focus. Not only does the solution have to work perfectly, it must also be simple to use. If the interfacing and technology is too difficult or complicated to operate, user experience (UX) will inevitably falter and in turn, drive down demand. In a time where competition is high, UC&C providers cannot afford the risk of a damaged user journey within their platforms and should have both eyes on improving the UX at all times.

How the UC&C evolution will change the landscape for better and for always

The rapid advancement and evolution of UC&C is fortifying the way for home-working to become more normal in the future. Where many businesses were previously office based purely due to a lack of options, there is now the opportunity for businesses to give employees the option to work from home, creating a remote working environment.

Check back in our next newsletter for part two, looking at how security is the key to UC&C, and where the developments of UC&C are heading in the future.. 

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