Introducing Secure Comms: Protecting Your Business from Cyber-attacks

Introducing Secure Comms: Protecting Your Business from Cyber-attacks


Author: Mehmet Hussein

As we start 2020 security is a hot topic, and with the rise of fintech and AI there’s never been a more important time to protect your business communications. If you don’t want your sensitive traffic mixed up with the rest of the world’s Instagram photos, it’s time to look at enterprise-grade encryption.

That’s why, here at Voxbone, we’ve launched secure communications. This describes a new layer of encryption we’ve made available to your comms, even before they enter the Voxbone network.

That means that even if you don’t have a VPN or direct connection into Voxbone, both the signalling and media components of your business communications will be fully encrypted – safeguarding them across their journey into the Voxbone network.

What is Secure Comms?

Secure Comms is the name we’ve given to two protocols offered by Voxbone: Secure Real-Time Protocol (SRTP) and Mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS). So what do they both do?


This is what allows your software to verify the identity of whoever’s calling you, or whomever you’re calling. It’s an improved version of TLS, which is responsible for SIP signalling encryption.

mTLS works via mutual certification. Each party shows the other a digital certificate, verifying their identity, before encryption keys are shared. It’s a way for systems to establish verification-based trust before sharing the all-important keys to your comms.


SRTP is the real enabler of Secure Comms, because it encrypts the media of a call. TLS and mTLS work at the signalling level, meaning that your calls’ metadata (length, direction, location, etc.) is encrypted – but if these were already known, your calls’ content (the audio itself) would be vulnerable.

SRTP is what protects the audio itself – but it only works if you have TLS or ideally mTLS in place. That’s why we’ve packaged the two together as part of Voxbone’s Secure Comms.

Will it work with my interconnection choice?

Whether you use the public internet, a VPN, a physical interconnect, our partner Megaport, or another route entirely to get your communications into Voxbone – Secure Comms is compatible with it. This is adding an extra layer of privacy and protection to your communications on top of any security you have in place. That means it’s the perfect complement to any of our interconnection choices.

Is it expensive?

Here’s the best bit: no. We’re offering flat-rate pricing for Secure Comms, no matter how much traffic you’re sending or receiving. In fact, if you have more than 25 channels (that is, if you have capacity to make more than 25 phone calls at the same time), this makes us the best value option in the telecommunications market. We’re also one of the only players to offer mTLS. There’s no better choice for secure, private business comms.

How do I get access?

Ready to protect your communications? It couldn’t be easier – just get in touch with the Voxbone Customer Success team, who’ll give you all the information and support you need to get up and running in no time.


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