Improved collaboration in the cloud

Improved collaboration in the cloud

The cloud has transformed the way businesses operate, allowing flexible working hours and improving collaboration between employees. It has boosted productivity and communication, giving employees the opportunity to participate more, organise their teams and delegate tasks to individuals in a more efficient manner.  

With cloud, the tools teams have been using have been able to evolve at a rapid rate to further cater for the needs of employees. Video conferencing software, for example, is no longer just audio and visual communication with another employee or client. Teams can now share screens, annotate and use a virtual white board all from within the same software. But improved collaboration isn’t just using one product. When you combine this with document management systems and productivity apps, collaboration can continue after a call.

The accessibility that the cloud provides has improved collaboration immeasurably with document management. People in different time zones or locations don’t need to worry about updating documents, as they can see when it was last edited and who has made the edits at any given time. Employees can also access files outside of normal working hours, enabling them to provide feedback for others to follow up on whenever they can. Accessibility is also about user friendliness, ensuring that the entire system is easy to use and suits the needs of the employees and the organisation as a whole.

Centralised communication is also essential for collaboration. By putting a process for communication management in place it will allow employees to track discussions, control the number of participants involved and track project progress. Having an IM application for group or private chats also ensures immediate delivery and high interactivity, enhancing efficiency and communication within the organisation.

Improved collaboration isn’t about having just one product, but a range of tools that will facilitate communication and accessibility for all employees. By having different applications for various needs and uses, it keeps teams organised and up to date on everything.