Free SIP Trunks: Do They Exist?

Free SIP Trunks: Do They Exist?


As a SIP trunk supplier, we often keep an eye on what our customers are looking for in the VoIP marketplace, and free SIP trunks for testing and trials are probably the most requested.

So, can you get free SIP Trunks? Do they even exist? The answer is that it depends on who you ask.

The SIP Trunk Problem

The problem with SIP trunks/SIP trunking is the idea that it’s something you buy. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, what you actually pay for is ‘the ability to SIP trunk’ your voice traffic from your business to its destination.

What you usually pay for is are the channels. The amount of channels you have dictates the number of concurrent calls you can make on your connection. So if you need to have 10 calls going on at any one time, you’re going to need 10 channels.

Some SIP providers charge based on the number of channels, others charge based on the minutes needed to make a call, some charge for both. It differs depending on the level of service you get from using their network.

The “Free” SIP Trunk

So if all of the above is the case industry wide, why do so many companies offer “Free” SIP trunks? Well, one reason is that it’s a valuable marketing tactic that gets people interested, but the main reason is that what they are actually providing is either a free set up or a free trial.

Free SIP Trunks for Testing

A free trial is a great way to assess whether or not SIP trunking is right for your business and if the supplier you plan to go with has the right features and support that you’ll need to improve your communications.

Most suppliers offer this kind of service.

Free SIP Trunk Channels/Numbers

So if you get a free trial are you likely to get free channels? Possibly. Depending on the supplier, you could get some credit or channels depending on their pricing model, with a couple of numbers thrown in to sweeten the deal.


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