Feeling Connected: Building your UCaaS strategy on the right foundations – Post webinar Q&A session…

Feeling Connected: Building your UCaaS strategy on the right foundations – Post webinar Q&A session…

Following on from the recent UC EXPO webinar in association with Gamma, there were some unanswered questions that came in from some of the attendees. Dave Mailer from 4C Strategies Ltd has answered these below and we thought we would share these with you.

Question 1 - How does UCaaS integrate with UCCX/UCCE, can those be hosted in the cloud as well? Or would that still be hybrid deployment having UC in the cloud and the CCX/CCE hosted on prem?

Dave Mailer - I'll reply to this in respect of generic contact centres rather than specifically Cisco solution. We are increasingly seeing organisations select their unified communications and contact centre solutions separately on the basis of best of breed rather than being automatically sourced from the same supplier.

A wide range of integration models are available with UCaaS integrating / co-existing with both cloud and on premise contact centre solutions.

Question 2 – Everything in the cloud is definitely without risks, what happens when there is an internet outage as a result of perhaps a virus outbreak - is it wise to collaborate making it a single point of failure? Or should there be some separation to provide assurance for BCP/DR purposes?

Dave Mailer - All organisations need to carefully consider their business continuity requirements. However, it isn't always necessary to engineer absolute resilience into technical solutions. It may be more applicable to re-engineer or introduce BC into business processes than technology.

Question 3 – How would you suggest customers go about pressure testing their LAN?

Dave Mailer - This is very difficult. The belt and braces approach would be a full stress test by simulating traffic to the same volume as is expected in a production solution. However, this can be disruptive to other BAU systems and processes. Accordingly, many organisations adopt an approach based upon targeting testing upon known / expected hot spots in their networks.

Question 4 – As you say things have moved from HPBX to UCaaS, looking at the market there are a huge range of players... Do you see mergers and acquisitions to simplify the market?

Dave Mailer – We are at a tipping point between a transition from enterprise UC solutions to UCaaS. This has prompted consolidation in the traditional UC space and the emergence of many new players in the UCaaS space. Further consolidation is highly likely.

Question 5 – You mentioned that customers want everything and anything linked to UCaaS services. What are some of the challenges Gamma faces in addressing the ballooning needs of communications customers?

Dave Mailer – I can't answer for Gamma specifically but one of the interesting developments over the coming years will be further adoption of CPaaS based solutions where UC will be tightly integrated into business processes. The extent to which this displaces more self-contained UCaaS solutions will depend upon how complex, or simple, the CPaaS development turns out to be.

Question 6 – How do you guys rate MS Skype for Business or Team as a reliable UCaaS? I'm struggling to get independent advice as my suppliers all try to sell me services I don't need but to which they make a profit out of?

Dave Mailer – There is no doubt that SfB / Teams is having a dramatic effect upon the UCaaS market. Whether it is sufficiently reliable for any particular customer will depend upon the criticality of UC to them. As an independent consultant, 4C always encourages our clients to develop / procure solutions on the basis of their business need rather than sales pitches from prospective suppliers.

That said, the Microsoft approach is different and all organisations with a Microsoft centric strategy need to carefully consider the role of Teams in that strategy.

If you have any further questions for Dave you can find out more information here or if you want to speak to Gamma please visit their website here.


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