Webinar: Feeling Connected: Building your UCaaS strategy on the right foundations

Webinar: Feeling Connected: Building your UCaaS strategy on the right foundations

UCaaS performance and success is hyper dependent on the network, but many UCaaS providers fail to help customers enough here; assuming that this important part of the service is in place and right sized for this and other modern content rich applications.

The reality is many customers haven’t pressure tested these foundations recently to ensure they can meet the full end requirements of more applications sharing the same network infrastructure.

There’s no future in service providers avoiding user complaints about poor app responsiveness and not meeting new requirements for rich communication and collaboration services. There’s no progress without the right foundations.

In this webinar Alex Ayers from Gamma will continue his discussion from UC EXPO and give you the key takeaways and actions points you need to ensure a successful UCaaS deployment.

Alex will also be joined by Dave Mailer from 4C Strategies Ltd who will provide an independent perspective when it comes to UCaaS strategy and will discuss with Alex the benefits of UCaaS adoption.

In this session, we’ll be analysing:

Key requirements that need to be met to ensure a successful UCaaS deployment

What do good foundations look like, how can you move to them, why you need to consider the full foundation stack

Action plans to help anyone successfully implement UCaaS

Aligning to a partner with an end-to-end UC and Network foundations provision in an ‘Everything as a service’ world. 

To join Alex and Dave for what is sure to be a really informative webinar you can do so by signing up here.

The webinar takes place Wednesday 26th June at 14:00 pm to 15:00 pm (BST).