Evolution of Contact Center Collaboration in 2019

Evolution of Contact Center Collaboration in 2019

Traditionally, call centers or contact centers used to have a fast-paced, competitive culture, where agents were strictly required to follow a set script so they spend least time with a client. Agents were assessed on their individual performance; it was basically down to how each agent is performing within the team.

However, in this digital age, contact centers are going through a paradigm shift in their work culture. The modern contact centers are equipped with tools that make it easy for agents and others to stay connected and exchange information swiftly—thereby saving critical seconds. With all the latest technological upgrades, it makes perfect sense for contact centers to embrace a more collaborative culture. Embracing the latest upgrades would enhance overall collaboration in contact centers. Some of such new features/technologies that could play a crucial role in reinventing contact center collaboration in 2019 includes:

Industry-Specific Desktop Design

Now you can access customised industry-specific desktops for your contact centers. No more need to switch screens to view customer information. All relevant details can now be displayed on the agent desktop by integrating all third-party applications on to a single screen. This empowers agents to address the caller’s queries instantly without delay, thereby improving Average call Handling Time (AHT) with better call resolution.

Core Application Integration

Contact centers can now seamlessly integrate with their core applications easily to enable your agent to deliver true customer experience. For example, in the banking industry, now you can integrate with core banking applications like Symitar, Fiserv, etc. This enables the agent to provide accurate information to the caller by knowing his/her previous requests and anticipating the caller’s requirement.

Smart CTI

CTI connectors are important components in connecting contact centers with other CRMs. It offers multi-application integration within itself. Equip your contact centers with smart CTI connectors so that you can easily integrate with your ticketing applications and CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics etc. By seamlessly integrating with CTI connectors, contact center agents will be empowered to handle all communication channel with ease while enhancing the productivity and quality to deliver personalised customer experience.

Knowledge Base & Dynamic Agent Scripting as Standard in Agent Desktop

Free flow of information and knowledge is one of the essentials of good collaboration. The best way to do it is to have integration with applications like the knowledge base and dynamic guided agent scripts, designed by managers or the respective heads. This reduces direct dependency on one another, thereby improving efficiency and productivity.

What are the benefits

With competition at its peak, contact centers can no longer rely on second chances. It is imperative for contact centers to provide effective and efficient service instantly. This is where collaboration across your contact center will help you in delivering crucial business benefits like: Optimal performance and productivity, Cut Costs by Going Mobile, Quicker Turn Around Time, and Enhanced Flexibility.

Where to Look for Future Collaboration?

Now that you are familiar with the latest collaboration tools that you must have in 2019 to stay ahead in this very competitive customer service industry, it is equally crucial that you choose the right contact center solutions provider for your contact center. With the right vendor, your contact center will receive all the latest technological updates customized to your company’s goals and challenges. One of the very few companies capable of providing such personalised services is the NovelVox.

NovelVox Unified Agent Desktop is known across contact centers in the world for providing a single unified view of all customer data. It is a powerful and well-designed desktop that drives agents to perform better. NovelVox iVision plus wallboard offers an overall statistic of the contact center along with individual performance in a ‘gamified’ manner. This keeps agents updated and motivates them to perform better. iVision Plus wallboards comes loaded with other features like Seat Plan, Digital Signage for healthcare, iVision Touch mobile dashboard etc. Another important feature that NovelVox is known for is Smart CTI Connector. NovelVox offers NextGen Cisco Finesse, Avaya Embedded CTI Connectors for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow, Zendesk & more. It enables contact centers to integrate with their existing applications with ease.

NovelVox has been working closely with all kinds of contact centers, from startups to some of the biggest organisations across the globe. They are the pioneer in offering customised solutions with easy integration to third-party applications and other CRMs—regardless of industry. NovelVox has extensive experience in working with industries like Banking & Finance, Government entities, insurance, healthcare, credit unions, etc. Being a Cisco Preferred Partner, they work in tandem with Cisco to implement the latest updates—and in most cases, NovelVox is usually the first ones to roll out their products in sync with the latest upgrade. To know more on NovelVox, visit the website or send your queries on marketing@novelvox.com.

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