Enterprise-Wide Considerations When Selecting a UC&C Partner

Enterprise-Wide Considerations When Selecting a UC&C Partner

Author: Lyndsay Cook, Senior Vice President Marketing at PGi

Source: https://www.pgi.com/blog/2018/11/what-features-do-users-want-from-their-ucc-providers/

Enterprises that are looking to improve collaboration and communication are increasingly turning to the UC&C industry. According to Gartner, global spending on UC&C will reach $44.2 billion in 2021.  As medium sized and global organisations accelerate their adoption of unified communications and collaboration technology, the industry needs to adapt and exceed the rising expectations of end-users. When selecting unified communications and collaboration technology, organisations need to address key considerations including:

User-friendly Experience

If UC&C platforms are challenging to navigate for employees that lack technical know-how, workers may be reluctant to use them in the long run. It is important that organisations ensure that employees are both trained and motivated to effectively adopt these new technologies in their daily work routines. Sourcing and adopting tools and services that are inclusive for employees of all skill levels and deliver a user-friendly experience is key.

Delivering Efficiency

One of the main enterprise considerations is the ability of the chosen UC&C platform to increase individual and overall business productivity levels. By enabling employees to complete their work faster and receive responses needed in real time, organisations can ensure a higher degree of efficiency, and a greater amount of staff satisfaction.

Reliability and Uptime

When collaborative technology crashes, enterprises can experience downtime, drops in productivity and missed business opportunities. The industry should be striving to ensure that systems are working seamlessly, which will reduce the likelihood of these complications. When there are issues, users need to be assured that they can easily notify and seek support from customer service staff to assist them in an efficient and professional way.

Maintaining Flexibility

Users want UC&C services that make sense for their individual work styles and business environments. As many companies are offering increased flexibility for remote workers, it’s important that they have the right collaboration platforms to ensure that all employees are able to deliver the highest quality work, whether they work in the office, at a client site or remotely from home. A flexible and convenient approach to collaboration should allow employees to communicate in real time, in the way that is personalised and right for them.

Ensuring System Security

According to Thales Security, 67 percent of global enterprises have experienced a data breach, which is why so many organisations, quite rightly, prioritise security across their business infrastructure and having a secure UC&C system in place is more important than ever. In case of major security incidents, enterprise buyers need to consider partnering with providers that have solid security channels and ‘crisis action plans’ in place to protect customer data, system integrity and brand reputation.

These are some of the factors to consider to both improve and update your collaboration and communication strategy in 2019.


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