Empowering your Business with Unified Communications

Empowering your Business with Unified Communications

Source: https://www.pgi.com/blog/2019/03/transform-your-business-with-unified-communications/

Author: Lyndsay Cook, SVP Marketing, PGi

As a business communications provider with a focus on helping people connect, we have announced the expansion of our unified communications as a service (UCaaS) offering to include EMEA, to help businesses positively revolutionise meetings and optimise employee productivity. So, what implications does this have for your business? 

A Seamless Experience for all Participants

UCaaS offers a seamless experience for everyone involved, whether it be an online meeting hosted for internal or external participants, as well as enterprise-quality voice capabilities that will truly improve the overall customer experience. By substituting your legacy phone systems for UCaaS, your business communications can come together to deliver a unified customer experience.

Improving Communication in The Workplace

The latest additions to the GlobalMeet platform include smart collaboration, with the goal of enhancing communication between team members before, during and after meetings. These new features aim to help businesses boost overall productivity and efficiency. Elements include:

- Active Directory Integrations with Office 365 to deliver calendar awareness. Hosts are able to swiftly identify meeting attendees and effectively manage absent team members.

- Recording reminders allow detailed meeting information to be captured and distributed as recordings afterwards.

- Live transcripts and meeting summaries give viewers the opportunity to scan through the contents of the meeting, as opposed to replaying entire recording.

- The Multi-Task widget is designed to improve collaboration. The widget can be accessed while participants have the main GlobalMeet screen minimised, allowing them to multitask whilst preserving important GlobalMeet features and functionalities.

These new enhancements to the GlobalMeet platform can now help teams establish a collaborative and comprehensive approach to business communications.

Businesses everywhere can now utilise these powerful new GlobalMeet features. Read the full press release on how UCaaS can revolutionise the way that you conduct business; and also find out more about how your business can benefit from using a free version of GlobalMeet, to host unlimited feature rich video and web conferencing meetings.