Collaboration and the generation dilemma

Collaboration and the generation dilemma

Collaboration is key for driving business forwards. But, enabling collaboration across different generations of workers is a challenge nearly every business will face.

From Baby Boomers, to Millennials and Gen Xers, the requirements they need in workplace and the way they interact with technology can be vastly different.

Deep collaboration takes time, effort and great leadership to foster within an organisation. So it’s no surprise that trying to address the generational collaboration clashes can leave team leads pulling their hair out trying to bring everyone together.

In fact recent research we conducted found that 60% of working Brits under 34 like collaborating with others on a regular basis, compared with only 30% of over 45’s in employment who feel the same way.

Technology has a key role to play in supporting an organisational approach to improving collaboration, but there also needs to be a thorough understanding of how the different generations within your teams work. 

Younger millennial workers, for example, are known to thrive in an environment that allows them to freely exchange ideas with one another, whether that be face-to-face in person or over digital or mobile platforms. There is also a demand for technology in the workplace to be fast and simple, just as it is at home.

If you can’t cater to the way they work and collaborate, it is likely employees will try to find technology tools themselves as a workaround. Ultimately leaving your organisation even more collaboratively disjointed.

However, by understanding their needs it will help you to consider the best collaboration tools that will enable millennial staff to have a high level of interaction, ultimately increasing collaboration and productivity.