Cloud telephony explained

Cloud telephony explained

The advent of cloud computing was a huge inflection point in the history of technology. It has led to increasingly software driven businesses – gone are the days of bulky hardware, brick style mobile phones and saving data onto floppy disks

For companies that sell enterprise technology, this has meant they have had to shift from big hardware margins, to smaller annuity revenues. It’s been a tough transition – not only have they had to train themselves on totally new technologies, they have also had to invest heavily in their customer service functions to ensure happy long-term relationships.

Just as cloud computing has transformed the world of data, it is now doing the same with voice – or, as we say in the industry, cloud telephony. Put simply this means the telephone system resides in the cloud rather than in the office and calls are made over broadband. Ultimately cloud telephony is just another software application running on the network.

Our NFON Cloud Telephone System is an out-of-the-box solution that includes over 150 high-end features that can satisfy the most demanding telephony requirements – from mobile phone connectivity to conference calls. The capacity of the NFON Cloud Telephone System is almost limitless and extensions or home offices can be added or removed as required.

The key cloud telephony benefits for customers is the OPEX vs. CAPEX as it’s a subscription-based service; plus it is fully scalable and thus can easily accommodate the changing dynamic of the business. As it’s software-based, it enables much simpler automated management, deployment and provisioning. Plus there are huge operational efficiencies - updates can be applied across the whole customer base, whereas an on-premise solution update required on-site updates, which mean delays and increased costs.

The shift to cloud telephony is being driven by customer demand - they want to have just one supplier to deliver their ICT requirements. But cloud telephony is so much more than just ‘voice.’ Plus it can adapt to the needs of any size or type of company. For our partners this is amazing news – we have a ‘whole product offering,’ which means the feature set can be tailored across various company sizes and industry sectors – from micro businesses to large enterprises, and from service based companies to hospitality organisations.

We also have premium solutions that enable our partners to drive incremental revenues, such as unified communications, and contact centre, NFON also has a flexible business model that caters for different commission and wholesale models, which is supported by strong account management, marketing incentives, lead-generation, and local support for both pre-sales and tech support coming as standard.