Boost your workforce productivity

Boost your workforce productivity

Five Benefits of Desktop as a Service from VMWare. As cloud-based solutions become more accessible, many organisations are investigating the transition from physical desktops towards desktop as a service.

With obvious benefits being reducing the complexity of IT management, having the ability to work to a tighter budget, measurable productivity and enhancing the employee experience to access files at any time in any location, the team from VMware gave an overview to a packed seminar theatre at IP EXPO about how desktop as a service can impact your organisation.

Addressing the five key areas, VMware highlighted the benefits that can be seen by implementing desktop as a service:

1. Deploy anywhere

Workforces demand agility in their work flow, when files are inaccessible or require complex permission layers, it can be cumbersome to work across. Desktop as a service provides the flexibility to enable permissions where required, quickly set up temp staff and enable remote employees to access files wherever and whenever they need.

2. Always-on

Modern workforces are adopting a new approach to working hours and often adhere to bring-your-own-device policies. Familiar with mobile access to company systems, desktop as a service provides the ability for users to have a consistent interface, regardless of the device they are working from.

3. Budget

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, client hardware platforms often require regular updates. Desktop as a service removes the requirement to have dedicated IT resource to ensure workforce hardware solutions are updated, as well as, freeing up in-house technical teams to focus on higher priority projects. Operating through regular subscription fees, users are able to clearly budget month on month.

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