8 things to think about before a video conference

8 things to think about before a video conference

Source: https://www.konftel.com/en/academy/eight-things-to-think-about-before-a-video-conference

There are some basic do’s and don’ts that can be good to know before you set up a video conference in the meeting room or sitting by yourself. We will try to summarise them in eight bullet points. The scenario is BYOM, Bring Your Own Meeting, meaning you use your laptop PC with a meeting app together with a USB camera and audio endpoints.

1. The placement If you place the camera too low or high, it can be both unflattering for you and your potential friends and distracting for the other parties. You like to be able to look the attendees in the eye and nobody wants to duck into the picture. Keep it at eye level.

2. The light Always think of having decent lighting in your room and make sure that there isn't a bright sun outside the window shining right into the camera.

3. The sound It is always good to know that a pencil drumming on the table or very load typing on a keyboard can be distracting.

4. The look Try to look into the camera from time to time and not just at your own computer or notebook when you are in a video meeting. It will help the attendees to be more engaged in the meeting.

5. The surroundings Before the meeting starts it is a good idea to have a quick look at what the other attendees are going to see. If it is too messy in the background or on the table in front of you they may have a hard time focusing on your message.

6. The computer Have a quick check that you aren’t running tons of applications on your computer. You probably need the processor power for your meeting.

7. The source Check which sound and video source your computer uses before you start the meeting. This is a common area for errors. It can sometimes be done in the collaboration app, but otherwise you need to go to the computer's settings and have a look.

8. The connection Who hasn't experienced the frustration of a meeting with a bad internet connection? Consider changing from Wi-Fi if you have an opportunity to choose a wired connection to the internet.


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